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"^r^cl P
Saw ye nae my Pcge;y.
n^j* ^ *• ' . ; »■» — --# — w-p-
<*^ Saw. ye nae my Peggy, law ye nae mv Peggy, law yv nae my Peggs^comi
<-^ oer the Lt*C.' Sure,a finer c.rea + ure,ne<
er was iormd bynature,{o compleateachfeal
-<^ bids me love her;thats a Law to me
vV'ho would leave a lover,
To become ;» -rover?
No, I .'I ne'er give over,
Till I happy be!
i'br Unci? lo\f infpires me,
, As htr heauty fires me,
\r?d he't- abfeni e ti»-es me,
Nought 'an |>kait-but £he.
'\lnTi I hope to gain ',
i i f - H tins to dj-tain r;
Coucl 1 but obtain her,
FJapm woidd I be!
1 il h clown before her,
Bh (s, figh, and adore her,
Y ' h hunt looks implore her.
I ill fhe pity me!.
6 W • ♦ •
The Tbaft. Same Tune.
COME Jets ha"e mair wine in,
Bacchus hates repining,
venus loves nae dwinmg,
Let s be blyth and free.
Away with dull— Here tye, Sir;
VeVr miltrefs, Robie, gie's her,
We'll drink her health wi' pleafure,
Wha's belov'd by thee?
Then let Peggy warm ye,
That s a lafs can charm ye,
And to joys alarm ye,
Sweet is fhe to me.
Some angel ye wad ca - * her,
And never wifh ane brawer,
If ye bare-headed faw her
Kilted to the knee.
Peggy a dainty lafs is,
Come lets' join our glaffes,
And refrrfh our haufes
With a health to thee.
I ■ ' roofs their caih be clinking,
Be irate men tint in thinking,
While we with lave and drinking,
Give our cares the lie.

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