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Nanny s charms the Shepherd fung, the hills and dales with Nanny rung; while
Awake, fweet mule! the breathing Spring
With rapture warms; awake and fingi
Awake and join the vocal throng,
Who hail the morning with a fong;
lb Nanny raife the chearful lay,
■ bid her hafte and come away;
[n fweeteft fmiles herfelf adorn,
And add new graces to the morn!
hark, my love! on ev ry fpray,
Each feather cl warbler tunes his lay;
"Tis beauty fires the ravifh'd throng;
jAnd love infpires the melting fong:
Then let my rapture! notes arife;
For beauty darts from Nanny's eyes;
And love my riling bofbm warms,
And fills my foul with fweet alarms.
01 come, my lovel thy Colin s lay
With rapture calls, O come awayl
Come, while the mufe this wreath fhall twin'
Around that modeft brow of thine; ■ -
Ol hither hafte, and with thee bring
That beauty blooming like the fpring,
Thofe graces +hat divinely fhine,
And c harm this ravifli'd breaf of mine!
Same Tune.
FROM Rodin Caftle's echoing walls
Refound my fhepherd , s ardent calls;
My Colin bids me come away,
And love demands I fhould obey.
His melting {train, and tuneful lay,
So much the charms of love difplay,
I yield — nor longer can refrain
To own my love, and blefs my fwain.
No longer can my heart conceal
The painful -pleafing flame I feel;
My foul retorts the amVous ftrain;
And echoes back in love again.
Where lurks my fongfter? from what grove
Does Colinnour his notes of love?
O bring me to the happy bowY,
Where mutual love may blifs C cure I
Ye vocal hills, that, catch the fong,
• Repeating as it flies along,
"lb Cnlins ears my ftrain corn- y,
And fay, I hafte to come avrnv. ^ •
Ye zephyrs foft, that fan the gale,
Waft to iny love the fool hi ng tale;
In-whifpere all my foul exprefs, .
And tell, I h-tfte his amis to blefs.

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