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pafsion for Jockey . my dear! When he's ab _ fent 1
figh, but how blith when hes nearl'Tis this rural ,.a -.inufement cfe _
*J _ part. To his Pipe I could iing, for hes bon_ny and gay; Did
Y - lights mv fad HearfcCome a _ way to my arms, love I and ne_ver de-
W know how I lovcl him, i.o lon_ger he'd ftay
Neither Linnet or Nightingale fing half To fweef,
And the foft melting ftrain did Rind Echo repeat,
It fo raviflicl my heart and delighted my ear,
Swift as lightning I flew to the arms of my dear,
She furprizcl, and detected, fome moments did ftand,
Like the rofe was her chee'k, and the lilly her hand,
Which (he placed on her breaft, and faid, Jockey, I far
I have been too imprudent, pray. how came you here?
For to vifit my ewes, and to fee my lambs play,
By the banks of the Tweed and the groves I did ftray$
But my Jenny, dear Jenny, how oft" have I fighd,
And have vowel endlefs love, if you would be my brid°*
To the altar of Hymen, my fair one, repair.
Where knot of affection fhall tie the fond pair;
To the pipe's (prightly notes the gay dance we will lead,
And will blefs the dear grove, by the banks of the Tweed.

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