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For hark, and I will tell you,lafe,
Did I not fee your Jamie pais,
HVmeikle gladnefs in iiis (ace,
Otit o'er the muir to Maggy,
i wat he ga'e her mony a kifs,
~;j Maggy took them ne'er amifs:
,'i.v:en ilka, (mack- - pleased her with this.
That.. Beis was but a gawkie.
. ri.r 'when a . civil kffs I feek,
SS turns her head, and thraws her cheek,
Arid for an hour (he'll fcarcely fpeak;
Who'd not call. her a gawkie?- - • -
But (lire my Maggy has mair (etife,
She'll gi'e a fcore without offence;
Now gie me.ane unto the '"menfe-,
And ye (hall be my daw tie.
O Jamie, ye 4ia'e mony tane,
Rut J will never (tand for ane,
Or fwa, when we do meet again;
Sae .ne'er think me a gawkie,.
All na, la(s, that. ne'er can be,
Sic thoughts as the(e are far- frae me,
Or ony'thy fweet face that fee,
Eel" to ihinlithee agaw'kie.
But, whifhti — nae mair of this well (p(
For yonder Jamie does us meet;
Initead of Meg he kifs'd fae (weet,
I trow he likes the gawkie.
drar Befs, I hardly, knew,
When I came by, your gown's fae new*
1 think you've got it wet v.i' 1 dew.
Quoth fee, That's like a gawkie.
It's wat wi' dew-, and 'twill get rain,
And 111 get gowns when it is gane, j
Sae you may gang the gate you came,
And tell it to your dawtie.
The guilt appear 'd in Jamie's cheek;
He cryo", O cruel maid, but (weet,
If I fhould gang a nither gate*
I ne'er could meet u»y dawtie i
The laffes faft frae him they flew,
And left poor Jamie fair to rue;,
That ever Maggy's face he knew,
Or yet ca'd Befs a Gawkie.
As they went o'er the muir they fang;
The hills and dales with echoes rang,
The hills ^and dales with echoes ran^,
Gang o'er the muir to Majji«v!

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