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The Highland Qneen
6 ~1^3
In her, fweet innocence you 11 find,
With freedom, truth, and beauty join'd;
From pride and affecfation free,
Ahke £he fmiles on you and me:
The brighter} nymph that trips the green,
I do pronounce my Highland Queen. ...
. No fordid wifti, or trifling joy,
Her fettled calm of mind deftroy;
Strict honour fills her fpotlefs foul,
And adds a luftre to the whole:
A uitftchlefis fhape,a graceful mien,
All center in my Highland Queen.
How bleft that youth, whom genths fate,
Has deftincf for fo fair a matei
Has all thefe wondring gifts in fforp,
And each returning day brings more.
No youth fo happy can befeen,
.Poffeffing thei°, my Highland Queen,
The Highland King.
YE Mufes nine, O lend your aid,
Tnfpire a tender bafhfull maidl
That's lately yielded up her heart,
<A conquefi to Love's pow'rful dart : ..:
And now would fain attempt to fing,
The praifes of my Highland King,.
Jamie, the pride of all the green,
Is jufi my -age, e'en gay fifteen:
When firft I faw him, 'twas the day
That ufliers in the fprightly May;
When firft I felt Love's pow'rfull ffirig,
And Cgh'd for my dear Highland King.
With him for beauty, fhape, and air,
No other fhppherd can compare;
Good nature, honefty, and truth,
Adorn the dear, the matchlefs %T3uth;
And graces, more than I cart ling,
Bedeck my charming HighlMid-lLlng: .
Would once the deareft boy but fay,
Tis you I love; Gome, Come away.
Unto the kirk, my Love, Jet's hyi.
Oh mel in raptnte, I 'I comply!
And I fhouldthen hane caul'- to ting.
The praif-s "of mr Hichh.nH King.

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