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Behold! the enemy appears— Hurrah!
The din of battle fills our ears— Hurrah!
Th e bugles ring, the banners wave,
Each warrior grasps his shining glaive— Hurrah!
No more for fame, no more for gold — Hurrah !
The flag of battle we unfold— Hurrah'.
United in a holy band,
For God and for our native land — Hurrah!
Sweet object of the zephyr's kiss,
Come, Rose, come courted to my bow'r ;
Queen of the banks, the garden's bliss,
Come and abash yon tawdry flowV.
Why call us to revokeless doom,
With grief the opening buds reply,
Not suffer'd to extend our bloom,
Scarce born, alas! before we die?
Man having past appointed years,
Ours are but days, the scene must close,
And when fate's messenger appears,
What is he but a wither'd rose?

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