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Then for hounds, there was Nimble, that so well
climbs rocks,
And Cocknose, a good one at scenting- a fox,
Little Plunge, like a mole who will ferret and search,
And beetle-brow'd Hawk's- eye so dead at a lurch,
Young Slylooks, that scents the strong breeze from
the south,
And musical Echowell, with his deep mouth.
Hark away, &c. ,
Our horses thus all of the very best blood,
Tis not likely you'll easily find such a stud,
And for hounds, our opinions with thousands we'll back,
That all England throughout can't produce such a pack ,
Thus having describ'd you dogs, horses, and crew,
Away we set off, for the fox is in view.
Hark away, &c.
Sly Reynard's brought home, while the horn sounds
a call,
And now you're all welcome to Bachelor's hall,
The sav'ry sirloin grateful smokes on the board,
And Bacchus pours wine from his favourite hoard.
Come on then, do honour to this jovial place,
And enjoy the sweet pleasures that spring from the
Hark away, &c.

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