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A storm met the ship, and did so dodge her,
Says the captain, We'll sink, or be all cast away,
Thinks I, Never mind, 'cause I'm only a lodger,
And my life is insur'd, so the office must pay.
But a taef, who was sea-sick, kick'd up such a riot,
Tho' I lay quite sea-sick and speechless, poor elf,
I could not help bawling, You spalpeen be quiet,
Do you think that there's nobody dead but yourself?
With my tal de ral, &c.
Well, we got safe on shore, ev'ry son of his mother,
There I found ah old friend, Mr. Paddy Macgee,
Och, Dermot, says he, is it you or your brother ?
Says I, I've a mighty great notion it's me.
Then I told him the bull we had made of our journey,
But to bull-making Irishmen always bear blame,
Says he, My good friend, though we'vebulls in Hibernia,
They've cuckolds in England, and that's all the same.
With my tal de ral, &c.
But from all sorts of cuckoldom Heaven preserve us,
For John Bull and Paddy Bull's both man and wife 3
And every b"rave fellow, who's kill'd in their service,
Is sure of a pension the rest of his life.
Then who, in defence of a pair of such hearties,
Till he'd no legs to stand on, would e'er run away?
Then a fig for the war, and d — n Bonaparte !
King George and the Union shall carry the day.
With my tal de ral, &c.

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