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Than sweet Miss Roe, none e'er look'd fiercer,
She had but one eye, but that was a piercer.
We know not, for certainty, her education,
If she wrote, mended stockings, or settled the nation,
At cards if she liked whist and swabbers, or voles,
Or at dinner lov'd pig, or a steak on the coals,
Whether most of the Sappho she was, or Thalestris,
Or if dancing was taught her by Hopkins or Vestris.
But, for your satisfaction, this good news we obtain,
That she lov'd Captain Wattle, and he lov'd her again.
When wedded, he became lord and master depend
He had but one leg, but he'd a foot at the end on't,
Which, of government when she would fain hold the
He took special caution should never lie idle;
So, like most married folks, 'twas my plague, and my
chicken, - .-
And sometimes a kissing, and sometimes a kicking ;
Then for comfort a cordial she'd now and then try,
Alternately bunging or piping her eye :
And these facts of this couple the history contain,
For when he kick'd Miss Roe, she kick'd him again.

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