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Pleasant and Divertive. 3 1 7
SAwney was tall and of Noble Race,
And lov'd me better than any eane ;
But now he ligs by another Lass,
And Sawney will ne'er be my love agen ;
I gave him fine Scotch Sarke and Band,
I put 'em on with mine own hand ;
I gave him House, and I gave him Land,
Yet Sawney will ne'er be my Love agen.
I robb'd the Groves of all their store,
And Nosegays made to give Sawney one ;
He kiss'd my Breast and feign would do mere,
Geud feth me thought he was a bonny one :
He squeez'd my fingers, grasp'd my knee,
And carv'd my Name on each green Tree,
And sigh'd and languish'd to lig by me,
Yet now he wo'not be my Love agen.
My Bongrace and my Sun-burnt-face,
He prais'd, and also my Russet Gown ;
But now he doats on the Copper Lace,
Of some leud Quean of London Town :
He gangs and gives her Curds and Cream,
Whilst I poor Soul sit sighing at heam,
And near joy Sawney unless in a Dream,
For now he ne'er will be my Love again.

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