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Pleasant and Diver tive. 311
HArk the Cock crow'd, 'tis Day all abroad,
And looks like a jolly fair morning ;
Up Roger and yames, and drive out your Teams,
Up quickly to carry the Corn in :
Davy the drowzy and Barnaby bowzy,
At Breakfast we'll flout and We'll jear boys ;
Sluggards shall chatter with Small-beer and Water,
Whilst you shall tope off the March beer, Boys.
Lasses that Snore for shame give it o'er,
Mouth open the Flies will be blowing ;
To get us stout Hum when Christmas is come,
Away where the Barly is Mowing :
In your Smock sleeves too, go bind up the Sheaves
With nimble young Rowland and Harry;
Then when work's over, at Night give each Lover,
A Hugg and a Buss in the Dairy.
Two for the Mow, and two for the Plow,
Is then the next labour comes after ;
I'm sure I hired four, but if you want more,
I'll send you my Wife and my Daughter :
Roger the trusty, tell Rachel the lusty,
The Barn's a brave place to steal Garters ;
'Twixt her and you then, contrive up the Mow then,
And take it at Night for your Quarters.

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