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Pleasant and Diver twe. 309
With some pretty marks,
That lie under thy Cloaths ;
Sure thou'lt be a rare one,
To Kiss, kiss, &c.
To make thee grow quickly,
I'll do what I can :
I'll Feed thee, I'll Stroak thee,
I'll make thee a Man :
Ah ! then how the Lasses,
Moll, Betty and Nan;
By thee will run Mad,
To be Kiss, kiss, &c.
And when in due Season,
My Billy shall Wed ;
And Lead a young Lady,
From Church to the Bed :
A Welfare the loosing,
Of her Maiden-Head ;
If Billy come near her,
To Kiss, kiss, &c.
Then Welfare high Fore-head,
And Eyes black as Sloes ;
And Welfare the Dimple,
And Welfare the Nose :
And all pretty Marks,
That lie under the Cloaths ;
For none is more hopeful,
To Kiss, kiss, &c.

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