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Pleasant and Diver tive. 307
I bid gud morrow fair Maid, and she right courteouslie,
Bekt lew and fine, kind Sir, she said, gud day agen to
I spear'd o her, fair Maid quo I, how far intend ye now ?
Quo she, I mean a Mile or twa, to yonder bonny brow.
Fair Maid, I'm weel contented to have sike Company,
For I am ganging out the Gate that ya intend ta be ;
When we had walk'd a Mile or twa, Ize said to her,
my Doe,
May I not dight your Apron fine, kiss your bonny brow.
Nea, gud Sir, you are far misteen, for I am nean o'those,
I hope ya ha more Breeding then to dight a Womans
Cloaths ;
For I've a better chosen than any sike as you,
Who boldly may my Apron dight and kiss ma bonny
Na, if ya are contracted, I have ne mar to say,
Rather than be rejected, I will give o'er the play ;
And I will chose yen me own that shall not on me
Will boldly let me dight her Apron, kiss her bonny
Sir, Ize see ya are proud-hearted, and leath to be said
You need not tall ha started, for eight that Ize ded say ;
You know Wemun for Modestie, ne at the first time boo,
But, gif we like your Company, we are as kind as you.
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