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Pleasant and Divertive.
LAds and Lasses Blith and Gay,
_^ Hear what my Song discloses,
As I one Morning sleeping lay,
Upon a bank of Roses :
Willy ganging out his Gate,
By geud luck chanc'd to spy me ;
And pulling Bonnet from his Pate,
He softly lay down by me.
Willy tho' I muckle priz'd,
Yet now I wou'd not know him ;
But made a Frown my Face disguis'd,
And from me strove to throw him :
Fondly he still nearer prest,
Upon my Bosom lying ;
His beating Heart too thump'd so fast,
I thought the Loon was dying.
But resolving to deny,
An angry Passion feigning ;
I often roughly push'd him by,
With words full of disdaining :
Willy baulk'd no favour wins,
Went off so discontented ;
But I geud faith for all my Sins,
Ne'er half so much Repented.
vol. 1.

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