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Pleasant and Divertive,
iN l^ ^lgig
WHere divine Glorlana, her Palace late rear'd,
And the choicest delights, Art and Nature
On the bank of sweet Thames, gently gliding along ;
The Love-sick Philander sate down and thus Sang :
More happy than yet any place was before,
Thou dear blest resemblance of her I adore ;
All Eyes are delighted with prospect of thee,
Thou charm'st ev'ry Sense, thou charm'st ev'ry Sense,
Ah ! just so does she.
As the River's clear Waves Zephyr softly does rowl,
So her breath moves the Passions, that flow in my Soul ;
As the Trees by the Sun, feel a nourishing joy ;
So my Heart is refresh'd by a glance from her Eye :
The Birds pretty Notes, we still hear when she speaks ;
And the sweetest of Gardens, still blooms in her Cheeks;
Had I that dear bliss, for no other I'd sue ;
Who enjoys this sweet Eve, who enjoys this sweet Eve y
Has all Paradise too.

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