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Pleasant and Divertive.
COme Jug, my Honey, let's to bed,
It is no Sin, sin we are wed ;
For when I am near thee by desire,
I burn like any Coal of Fire.
To quench thy Flames I'll soon agree,
Thou art the Sun, and I the Sea ;
All Night within my Arms shalt be,
And rise each Morn as fresh as he.
Come on then, and couple together,
Come all, the Old and the Young,
The Short and the Tall;
The richer than Croesus,
And poorer than Job,
For His Wedding and Bedding,
That Peoples the Globe.
My Heart and all's at thy command,
And tho' I've never a Foot of Land,
Yet six fat Ewes, and one milch Cow,
I think, ray Jug, is Wealth enow.
A Wheel, six Platters and a Spoon,
A Jacket edg'd with blue Galloon ;
My Coat, my Smock is thine, and shall
And something under best of all.
CHO. Co?ne on theft, &c.

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