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Pleasant and Diver tive.
#^gj F3 ^# #f^P
f ^-p-«-
— I r — m— ■
YOung Collin, cleaving of a Beam,
At ev'ry Thumping, thumping blow cry'd hem ;
And told his Wife, and told his Wife,
And told his Wife who the Cause would know,
That Hem made the Wedge much further go :
Plump Joan, when at Night to Bed they came,
And both were Playing at that same ;
Cry'd Hem, hem, hem prithee, prithee, prithee
Collin do,
If ever thou lov'dst me, Dear hem now ;
He laughing answer'd no, no, no,
Some Work will Split, will split with half a blow ;
Besides now I Bore, now I bore, now I bore,
Now, now, now I bore,
I Hem when I Cleave, but now I Bore.
c 2

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