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Pleasant and Diver tive. 283
DEAR Pinckaninny, if half a Guinny,
To Love will win ye,
I lay it here down ;
We must be Thrifty, - - \
'Twill serve to shift ye,
And I know Fifty,
Will do't for a Crown.
Dunns come so boldly,
King's Money so slowly,
That by all things Holy,
'Tis all I can say ;
Yet I'm so rapt in,
The Snare that I'm trapt in,
As I'm a true Captain,
Give more than my Pay.
Good Captain Thunder,
Go mind your Plunder,
Ods ns I wonder,
You dare be so bold ;
Thus to be making,
A Treaty so sneaking,
Or Dream too of taking,
My Fort with small Gold.
Other Town Misses,
May gape at Ten Pieces,
But who me possesses,
Full Twenty shall Pay ;
To all poor Rogues in Buff,
Thus, thus I stmt and huff,
So Captain kick and cuff,
March on your way. -

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