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Pleasant and Diver live. 29
And folks of each rank and Station,
Had thither free recourse,
From the Keeper of the Purse,
To the Mayor of a Corporation ;
With a hum, &c.
When at Noon as in State
The Queen was at Meat,
And the Princely Dane sat by Her,
A Fart there was hear'd,
That the Company scar'd,
As a Gun at their Ears had been fir'd ;
With a hum, &c.
Which Irreverent Sound
Made 'em stare all around,
And in each Countenance lower,
Whilst judgment thereupon
Said, it needs must be done,
As afronting the Soveraign pow'r ;
With a hum, &c.
The Chaplain in place
Had but just said Grace,
And then cringing behind withdrawn,
When they call'd back,
To examine if the Crack,
Came from him or the Lords in Lawn,
With a hum, &c.
For just by the Chair,
Some fat Bishops were there,
Whom the Whigg boys fain would bespatter,
Who with a Sober look,
Declar'd upon the Book,
That the Clergy knew nought of the matter ;
Of the hum, &c.

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