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(45) Page 27 - Now, now comes on, the glorious year
Pleasant and Divertive. 2 7
Now let jarring discords cease,
Now we're sure of lasting Peace,
Since the Right must set all our minds at ease,
And baulk the false Pretender.
A Song. Design d to be Sung between the
Acts in the Modern Prophets. To the
foregoing Tune.
NOw, now comes on, the Glorious Year,
Britai?i has hope, and Fra?ice has fear ;
Lewis the War has cost so dear,
He slyly Peace does tender :
But our two Heroes so well know
The breach of his Word some years ago,
They resolve, they will give him another blow,
Unless he Spain Surrenders.
Health to the Queen then straight begin,
To Marlborough the great, and to brave Eugene
With them let Valiant Webb come in,
Who late perform'd a wonder :
Then to the Ocean an offering make,
And boldly Carouze to brave Sir John Leak;
Who with Mortar and Cannon Mahon did take,
And made the Pope knock under.
Beat up the Drum a new Alarm,
The foe is cold, and we are warm ;
The Mounsieur's Troops can do no harm,
Tho' they abound in Numbers :
Push then once more and the War is done,
Old Men and Boys will surely run ;
And we know we can beat 'em if four to one ;
Which he too well remembers.

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