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Pleasant and Diver tive. 1 3
Her Skin by Nature,
No Ermm better,
Tho' that fine Creature,
Is white as Snow ;
With blooming Graces,
Adorn'd her Face is,
Her flowing Tresses,
As black as Sloe.
With, &c.
She's Tall and Slender,
She's Soft and Tender,
Some God commend her,
My Wit's too low :
'Twere Joyful plunder,
To bring her under,
She's all a wonder,
From Top to Toe.
'Twere joyful, &c.
Then cease, ye Sages,
To quote dull Pages,
That in all Ages,
Our Minds are free :
Tho' great your Skill is,
So strong the Will is,
My Love for Phillis,
Must ever be.
Tho' great, &c.

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