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Pleasant and Divertive. 5
She And tho' Linnen feel
Rough, Spun from the wheel,
'Tis cleanly tho' course it comes.
He Town follies and Cullies,
And Molleys and Dolleys,
For ever adieu, and for ever ;
She And Beaus that in Boxes
Lie smuggling their Doxies,
With Wigs that hang down to their Bums.
He Good b'uye to the Mall,
The Park and Canal ;
St. James's Square,
And Flaunters there :
The Gaming house too,
Where high Dice and low,
Are manag'd by all degrees :
She Adieu to the Knight,
Was bubled last Night,
That keeps a Blowz,
And beats his spouse ;
And now in great haste,
To pay what he's lost,
Sends home to cut down his Trees :
He And well fare the Lad,
She Improves e'ry Clad,
He That ne'er set his hand,
To Bill or to Bond.
She Nor barters his Flocks,
For Wine or the Pox,
To chouse him of half his Days :
He But Fishing and Fowling,
And Hunting and Bowling,
His Pastime is ever, and ever ;
She Whose Lips when you buss 'em,
Smell like the Bean-blossom,
Oh, he 'tis shall have my praise !

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