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An Alphabetical TABLE.
THE Glorious Day is come, 70
The old Wife she sent to the, 1 86
The Valiant Eugene to Vienna, 206
The infant bloojning Spring appears, 220
To shew Tunbridge Wells, 221
'Twas early one Morning the Cock, 229
'Then welcome from Vigo, 253
Twanty Years and mear at Edinborough, 254
The Clock had struck, faith I cannot, 262
'Twas when the Sheep were shearing, 319
The Sun had loos' d his weary Team, 321
The Night her blackest Sable wore, 324
'Twas within a Furlong of 327
To Horse brave Boys ^New-Market, 333
Ictumnus Flora, you that bless, 72
WHere Oxen do low, 4
Welfare Trumpets, Drums and, 22
When Love fair Psyche made, 43
What Beauty do I see, 46
Woe is me, what mun I do,
What are these Ideots doing, 8 1
Within an Arbor of Delight, 98
We Prophets of the Modern Race, 106
Would you have a Young Virgin, 1 34
When Innocence and Beauty meet, 1 36
Well mafst thou prate with, 1 59
When Phoebus does rise, ify
We London Valets all are Creatures, 173
When the Spring in Glory, 183
Who in Old Sodom would live, 210
Whilst favour 'd Bishops new Sleeves, 258
Whilst wretched Fools sneak up,
Where divine Gloriana her Palace,
When Phillida with Jockey play> d, 33 _
When first Amyntas su'dfor a Kiss, 33^

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