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An Alphabetical TABLE.
HArk, Lewis groans, good Fader, 244
How vile are the sordid Intrigues, 297
Hark the thundring Cannons roar, 300
Hark, the Cock crow'd, 'tis Day all abroad, 31 1
J Oily Roger twangdillo of, 19
In Kent so f am' d of old, 45
/ burn, I burn, I burn, I burn, 76
Jug, jug, jug, jug, jtig, jug, 85
In old Italian Tales we read, . 125
In Kent / hear there lately did dwell, 127
If you will love me, be free in 164
I hate a Fop that at his Glass, 177
If a woful sad Ditty to know thou, 203
Jockey was a dawdy Lad, 289
In January last, 011 Munnonday, 306
Joy to the Bridegroom, 323
LET the dreadful Engines, 48
Lord! what's come to my Mother, 157
Le printems, r'apelle aux Armes, 189
Life's short Hours too fast are hasting, 221
Lads and Lasses blith and Gay, 305
MAiden fresh as a Rose, 57
Mad Loons of Albany, 1 49
Motisieur looks pale, 161
Madam je vous prie you will right me, 201
Motisieur grown too mighty, 208
Musing of late on Windsor, 232
My dear Cock adoodle, 308
NO W, now comes 011 the glorious, TJ
Aow Cannon smoke Clouds all, 59
Now over England Joy to express, 116
Now some Years are gone, 118
Near famous Co vent- Garden, 143
Now is the Sun, 187

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