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An Alphabetical TABLE.
Behold how all the Stars give way, 1 1 1
Blowzabella my bouncing Doxy, 194
Bright was the Morning, cool was, ifa
Beat the Drum, beat, beat the, 269
GHurch Scruples and Jars plunge all, 87
Come all, great, small, short, tall, 91
Celemene, pray tell me, 109
Celadon, when Spring came on, 179
Come Jug, my Hony, let's to bed, 293
Chloe found Amyntas lying, 329
DRaw, draw the Curtain, fye, 108
Damon turn your Eyes to me, 256
Dear Pinckaninny, if half a Guinea, 283
De'l take the War that hurrfd, 295
FRom rosie Bowers where sleeps the God, 1
Fame and Islsjoyn'd in one, 17
From glorious Toy Is of War, 50
From azure Plains, blest with eternal, 113
Flow the flow 'ry Rain, 122
Far ewe I the Towns, ungrateful Noise, 126
Fame loudly thro' "Europe passes, 146
For too many past Years with, 175
Fill every Glass, and recommend 'em, 182
From Dunkirk one Night they stole, 225
Fly, fly from my Sight, fly far away, 236
Fate had design' d this worst of all, 243
Fareweel my bonny, bonny witty, 252
/"** Iovani amanti voi chi Sapete, 12
VJT Great Lord Frog to Lady Mouse^ 14
Grand Lewis let Pride be abated, 78
Great Caesar is crown 'd, 120
Groves and Woods, high Rocks and, 172
Genius of England, from thy, 219
Grand Louis falls headlong down, 223
Great Jove once made Love like, 280

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