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Pleasant and Diver live. 177
T ET us drink and be merry, Dance, Joke, &
I , Rejoice,
With Claret and Sherry, Theorbo and Voice :
The changeable World to our Joy is unjust,
All Treasure's uncertain, then down with your dust :
In Frolicks dispose your Pounds Shillings and Pence,
For we shall be nothing a Hundred years hence.
We'll Kiss and be free with Moil, Betty, and JVei/y,
Have Oysters and Lobsters, and Maids by the Belly,
Fish Dinners will make a Lass spring like a Flea,
Dame Venus (Love's Goddess) was born of the Sea :
With Bacchus and with her we'll tickle the sence,
For we shall be past it a Hundred years hence.
Your most Beautiful Bit, that hath all Eyes upon her,
That her Honesty sells for a liogo of Honour ;
Whose lightness and brightness doth shine' in such
That none but the stars, are thought fit to attend her :
Tho' now she be pleasant and sweet to the sence,
Will be damnable Mouldy a Hundred years hence.
The Usurer that in the Hundred takes Twenty,
Who wants in his Wealth, and pines in his Plenty,
Lays up for a Season which he shall ne'er see,
The Year One thousand eight hundred and three :
His Wit, and his Wealth, his Learning, and Sence,
Shall be turned to nothing a Hundred years hence.
Your Chancery-Lawyer, who subtilty thrives,
In spinning our Suits to the length of three Lives ;
Such Suits which the Clients do wear out in Slavery,
Whilst Pleader makes Conscience a cloak for his
knav'ry :
May boast of Subtilty in th' Present Tense,
But Nmi est Inventus a Hundred years hence.
Then why should we turmoile in Cares and in Fears,
Turn all our Tranquility to Sighs and Tears ;
Let's eat, drink and play, 'till the Worms do corrupt us,
'Tis certain post moi'tem nutla Voiufitas :
Let's deal with our Damsels, that we may from thence,
Flave Broods to succeed us a Flundred years hence.

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