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Pleasant and Divertive.
POor Ccelia once was very fair,
A quick bewitching Eye she had,
Most neatly look'd her braided Hair,
Her dainty Cheek would make you mad ;
Upon her Lips, did all the Graces play,
And on her Breast ten Thousand (Thousand) Cupids lay.
Then many a doting Lover came,
From Seventeen to Twenty one ;
Each told her of his mighty Flame,
But she forsooth affected none :
One was not handsom, the other was not fine ;
This of Tobacco smelt, and that of Wine.
But th' other Day it was my Fate,
To walk along that way alone,
I saw no Coach before her Gate,
But at her Door I heard her Mone ;
She dropt a Tear, and sighing seem'd to say,
Young Ladies marry, marry while you may.

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