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Glen Collection of printed music > Printed music > Wit and mirth, or, Pills to purge melancholy > Volume 3

(163) Page 151 - Tho Sylvia's eyes a flame could raise

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(163) Page 151 - Tho Sylvia's eyes a flame could raise
Pleasant and Divertive. 151
THO' Sylvia 's Eyes a Flame could raise,
More fit for Wonder than for Praise ;
And tho' her Wit were clear and high,
That 'twere resistless as her Eye :
Yet without Love, she still shall find,
I'm deaf to one, to th' other blind.
Those Fools that think Beauty can prove,
A Cause sufficient for their Love,
I wish they never may have more,
To try how Looks can cure their Sore :
'Tis such the Sex so high have set,
They take it not for Gift, but Debt.
If Love were unto Sight confin'd,
The God of it would not be blind ;
Nor would the Pleasure of it be,
So often in Obscurity :
No, to know Joys each Sense hath right,
Equal at least to that of Sight.
The Gods, who knew the noblest part
In Love, sought not the Mind, but Heart ;
And when hurt by the winged Boy,
What they admir'd they did enjoy ;
Knowing a Kindness Love could prove,
The Hope, Reward, and Cure of Love.
I'll rather my Affections keep
For Nymphs only enjoy'd in Sleep,
Than cast away an Hour of Care
On any, 'cause she's only fair :
Nay, Sleep more pleasing Dreams do move,
Than are your waking ones of Love.

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