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Pleasant and Diver tive. 149
Thus they continu'd both in Fear,
Until the next Market Day drew near ;
Well, quoth the good Wife, well I wot,
Go fetch me thy Doublet and thy Coat.
Thy Hose, thy Shoon and Cap also,
And I like a Man to the Market will go ;
Then up she got her all in hast,
With all her Bread upon her Beast :
And when she came to the Hill side,
There she saw two Devils abide,
A little Devil and another,
Lay playing under the Hill side together.
Oh ! quoth the Devil, without any fain,
Yonder comes the Baker again ;
Beest thou well Baker, or beest thou woe,
I mean to geld thee before thou dost go :
These were the Words the Woman did say,
Good Sir, I was gelded but Yesterday ;
Oh ! quoth the Devil, that I will see,
And he pluckt her Cioaths above her Knee.
And looking upwards from the Ground,
There he spied a grievous Wound :
Oh ! (quoth the Devil) what might he be ?
For he was not cunning that gelded thee,
For when he had cut away the Stones clean,
He should have sowed up the Hole again ;
He called the little Devil to him anon,
And bid him look to that same Man.
Whilst he went into some private place,
To fetch some Salve in a little space ;
The great Devil was gone but a little way,
But upon her Belly there crept a Flea :
The little Devil he soon espy'd that,
He up with his Paw and gave her a pat :
With that the Woman began to start,
And out she thrust a most horrible Fart.
Whoop !

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