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(49) Page  [47] - Where ne my hearts light I wad dye
vjn7 He art $ lig-Jit I wad TW
f m -r **-"—^= = a -j m l' ■ ■ w—gZI
re was g7L g jtf^ g7^ Jnelo'ed 11a men, jSte Bi'^ed W lonnyBcw'r
>T7JW IB <7/^,™ r<l„,, -D-.L ■ r» 11., V .. . _-*"
cfoiPft tw, ^ow. gZe7i :BK£ ao» yfrg cryes dale and a LwelllT-. day, dSL
aWn. ge Green, ^qfe q?^ comf Wra away. But now The crimes dale and
Mr j H 1 r r> j a
Tpell-g-day, Come down, the Creen qate and come
1 1 1
here awa ^
i»it ip
T/Vlien honny yowwjohnnycame o'ery sea,
Hejaid LieJawnathhwCo lonnii as me,
He haiqjit nie haith Rinas and mony bratliiiws,
And were ne my Hearts licht I wad dye ,
He had a wee Titty that lo'ed na me,
Becauje I was twice as bonny as 0ie
Theyjaid I had neither Cow nor Calf,
Nor drops of drink runs thro' the drawf
Wor Tickles of3L?alrunsthro'the null Eye,
And were ne my Hearts liaht I wad due .
The maiden flxe was haith Wylly and slue,
S'ie fpyed vie as I came o'er the Lee,
She raifdfLcl a Tother twixthim %tfiismother. And thenjhe ran in and made rich a din.
That were ne my Hearts litjhi I wad dye .
The day it was Jet and the Bridal to he,
The wife tank a Divalm and laydown to dye,
She main'd andlhearainid out of Dollar h^paiii
Tillhe vowd that he ne'er woudjee me aajiin .
HislCin wasjbrane of a hiaher dearse,
Said what had he do with the likes of me,
Appoje Iwds bonny I was nefor Tohjnvr,
And -were ne my Hearts liaht I wad dye .
Beleive your ainEen anye trow ne me ■
8 ^-^
Hishonnetflondayfiiroundon his Brow
His auld ane lovktay as well as his new,
But now he lets'tocnwony aate it will hinn,
And cafts hinifell down on the Com hinn .
And now he caes drooping ah out the Dykes
And a 'lie dow do is to mind the Tykes,
The Live Lane niq}it he ne'er bows his Eye,
And were nc my Hearts liaht I wad dye ,
But youna for thee as I ha been,
TVeChcnidha*been mllopina^down in iionG-
AndLinkina out o'er yon Lilly white Leej
Andn»ow ain T were youna for thee .

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