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Tke Blitkfom Bridal
ComeFye letusa'to the Bridal.For thereUteiMirw there,-For Jo ctillbe married to
Ma^ie, ITie.La/.? wi'the GowdenHair. and there will beLamfail andFotta^e,
I f §1 r r rlfe^^^i
BaiuwcksafBarly-meaLAnd there will beapodjawtHer^in^, To relifli a (Co^ofjood ale
1 j 'I r
-4h^ i/iere mill be jSfandy the Sutor,
And "Will n>i' £/ie msikle Mou-, -
And there will be Tam the Bhitter,
With Andrew the Tinkler I trow;
And there will be bow 'd leoaed Hobie,
JVlth thwtiblefs Katies Goodman;
And there will be blew checked iDowbie,
And Law-lie the Laird of the Land-
And there will be Sow-libber Patie,
And pluckyjact Wat i'the Mill,
Capper nafd Francie and Glibbie,
That wins in the Now of the Hill;
And there will be AlaJler $ib1ry;
Wliain with black Beisydid mml,
Withfnivellnw Lilly and Tibhy
The Lafs that bands aft on the Stool.
And Madge that was buckled to Steenie,
And coft him oray B reeks to his Arfe,
Wha after was hanaitfor Stealing t
Great Viercy it hap'ned nae warfej
And there will 1)e gleed G-eordjr Janners,
And Kirih with the Lilly white Leg.,
Wha aMe to the South Jor Manners,
And bana'd up her wame in 3£
And tliere will be Jriden 3t'lowrie,,
And blinkin daft Barbara H'cJ^g,
Wi'Flea-lnpoed fharnujacd Laurie,
AndflianM mofi'd halucket JVteg;
And there will be Jlapper-arf'd Xanfie,
Andfdryjdcd Flowrie by Jfame,
Muck Madie, and Jut hvppit CrriTj,
Vlu Lq/s mi> -the Gomien
And there will be Glrn-again-Giibhy,
With his qlakit wife Jeany Bell,
And Milled fliind JMamgo JM'capie,
The Lad that was Shipper liimfel)
There Lads and Lajsics in. Fear-lings,
WUlfeaft in the Heart of the Ha',
On Subows, and Rifarts, and Carlinqs^
That are baith Sodden and Raw .
And there will be Fadaes and Brachen,
With Fouth of good Gabbocksof Skate,
Fomfowdie, and Drammock and Crowdie,
Arid caller Ifowt^feet in a Tlate,-
And there will be Fartans and Buckles,
And Whvtens and Speldings enew,
With Cinaed Sheep-heads, and a Katies,
And Scadlips to Cup till ve Cpew,
And there will be lapperU milk Kebbucks,
And Soivenand Fades, and Baps,
With Swats, and well fcraped Faunches,
And Brandy in Stoups and in Caps;
And tliere will be Meal-kail and Caflocks,
With Skint to fnp till ye rive,
AndRoafts to roaft on a Brander,
Of Flowks that were taken alive.
Scrapt Haddocks, Wilks, Dulfe and Tangle,
And a Mill of good Snifhiiuf to prie;
When weary with eating- and drinking,
Well rile up and dance till we die .
Then fy let us a to the Bridal,
For there will be lilting there,
For Jock.Ml "be Married to Maggie,
The Lafs with the CJoAvden Hair-

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