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(37) Page  [35] - Muirland Willie
ttfn.„lA T mill AU you how Y-MngMuirlnnd Vm&WKto TvZvm^ccru'diwither
Harkenand I will fell -you howfiJungMuirla
\th Wm to vou. But av he cnes,what e'erJetide^iU^^ We ha'e fo
^»Z*n 7- Jg.7T 7 . iJl 1 IZWi 1, lAlI fa if 11 £ /a lall hill
—*——m I -i1 • " •
oe?ny Bride.WithaJalldada
On hisaray Yad as he did ride,
With JJurtand Pifiol bv his side,
He prick'd her on wi' mikle Tnde,
Wi' mikle Mirth and Glee.
Out o'er von. Mop, out o'er yon Muirt
Till lie cake to fier JDady's Door.
With a Jal br-c.
Goodman, quoth he, be ye within.,
Im come your Doohier's Love to win,
I care no for makinc mikle Din,
What jinpver d'ye mei
Now mover, quoth he, rvou'd ye light down,
I'fs ai'e ye my Doghter's Love to
With a. fal %c '
'Ja V 4
Now Wooer fin ye are lighted down,
Where do ve won, or in. rJnat Town,
I think my Doghter winna (doom,
Onjiken a Lad as ye.
The mover he ftev'd up the Houfe,
jtnd wow but he was wond'rous croup,
With ajal \$c. '
I have three Owfen in a Tleuqh,
Twa qood qanYads and Gear enough,.
The rlace they ca it da.den.euvjh.'
I [corn to tell a Lie-
BeJidesT hadjrae the great Laird,
Aveat Fat and a Latia-kail llard.
With a Jal Sje. r J
The Maid pat on her \Kirtle brown,
She was the braweft in a' the Town,
I wat on. himflie^did na cloom,
Hut blinkit bonnilie.
lite Lover heptended up in hafte.
And'aripit her hard about the Waip,
With a Jal ^c. *
To win your Love,Maid, I'm comb here,
Im younaand hae enouah o' Gear,
And-For•my Tell ye need najear,
Trotn. try me whan ye Like.
He took affhis Bonnet andppatinhis Chew,
He diahteahis Gab and he pri'd her Mou,
With a fal jgc -
The Maiden blujlit and binpdjii\law,
She had na mill to Jay him na>
But to her Dadu^Jhe left it a'.
As they twa cou'aagree.
The Lover he ga'e her the titherKifs,
Syne ran to her Dady and telldhim Bui
n a
With a fal bCcu
Your Doahter wad najay mi
But to your Pel pie has tjt
me na,
irfeipie has IJt it a\
As we cou'a aaree between us twa,
Say what'H yegi'me wi'her,
Now wooer quoth he, I hae no Mikle,
But fik's lha'e ye's apt a Tikle,
With a Jal ^c. \0 ^
AKilitfii of Corn til ai'e to thee,
Three Soums of Sheep,tma ypodMilk Ky.
Ye's lia'e the Waddin^D innerJree,
Troth I dow do na mair.
Content, quo' he, a Bargain be't,
Imjarjrae hamelmake hafte let's do't,
■al VCc.
Ike JJruial Uay it came to paus.
Wi' matvu a blythfome Lad and Lap,
But Cichen a Day. there never was,
Sic Mirth was never Seen.
This winfom Couvle ftraked Hands,
Mefs John ty'd up>iiie Marriaae Bands
With ajalh^'c.
A.nd our Bride's .Maidens were nafew,
Wi' Tap-knots, Lug.~knots a in blew ,
Frae Tap to Tae they were brarp new,
And blinked bonrdlie ■
Their Toys andMutcJies werejae clean,
They glanced in our Ladies JEen,
With a fal Uc ■
Sic Hirdum.Dirduri, and p.c I)in,
Wi',he o'er her and fhe o'er him,
Tlie M.iitftrcls they did never blui,
Wi' mikle Mirth and Glee.
And ay tliey bobit and ay they beckl,
And ay their wames together met.
With ajalhfc ■ *~

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