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(29) Page  [27] - Mill mill- - -o
t-triPjwj j jJ|bj?LT f rJlaLu44M^
The Mill Mill- O
-4 . — ^ —
zJjeneath aqreen Shade I fand a fair Maid, Was Cleepinq found and ftill~0, A.L
i r r j i i
<r _
g 11 jj II r pg
4 »
~loman mi'Love my Fancy did rove, Around her with qood WilL~.0, FterBoJbm I
prefsd, hut Ciink in her Reft, She fairdna mv 3ov to Spill—O: While kindly Jli
yZfi^^ c£o^? to her I crept, and kifsd, and Ufsd her my fill—O -
I I l-t-t-
Ohliqd by Command in Flanders to land,
T employ my Couraae and Skill—Q ;
Fraeer quietly I flaw, ho iff Sails and awat
For Wind blew fair on the Bill—O.
Tova TJears brounht me hamc, where
Tald me with a voice riaht [hill— O,
Mairjfondof her Charms,with my Son in her
Tferlyinfljvee-rd how pie felL— 0,
IVi' the Tear in her Fye,quothjheLet me die,
Sweet Sir ain I can tell-- O .
Loveqave the Command, I took her by tliHana,
JLnd bad her a'Fears expell - - O,
My T-'afe like a Fool had mounted the Stool, LAnd nae mair look wan for I was the Man,
~Nor kend wha'd done her the III- - O ■ I Wha had done her the Deed my fell- -O.
. My bonny Tweet ^^A on tlie qowany drapj
Beneath the $h.illmg-3iill__ O^
If I did offence, life make ye amends.
Before I leave Peggy's 3£ill 0 .
O the Mill,MM— 0, and the Xill, Kill— 0,
-And the coqqinar of the wheel-- Oj
The Sack and the Sieve, a thae ye maun leave,
And round with, a Sodaer reel- - O .

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