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May Scot
hoveled Lover. ,77* *?„„;/*„.... _* rr I , .'"^M L ~" ~
— i '-o • ii i ii -i r i ""~^~i—==^==—:
Rolls of Fate, Bid ^ there fee me marked a* nu.
Jlee me marked as marrow, To Mar
4-» t i i i i-
Scot the Flom& of T3110W .
Qs/.h nolher Form's to Heavnlv fair,
Her Love the Gods above mull Chare,
While Mortals with Defpair explore her,
And at a Diftance due adore her .
0 lovely Maid, my Doubts be anile !
Revive and hlejs me with a Smile,
■Aiaftjf ?U>t youll Jpon debar a
Sifhiry Swain, the Banks of Yarrow.
&* htjh, ye Fears. I'll not dejpair
My Mary's .tender as Jhe'sfair;
Then flip tell her all mine aryuipi,
She is too pod to let me lanpdjh ;
With Succejs jcrowndjU not envy
The Folks who dwell above the Sky,
WhenMzry Beat's become myMarrom,
We'll make a Paradice on. Yarrow -

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