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Tiie Brcrom o£ Covrd&akmrw$
b^-pg-r—r »
_ Irnrvrirc T -mwfi* T __* tt~ s*—""" . . —T*--
0 ^ j?
"»», *A« ^ bony Broom, The Broom .of CWdeni
r> JciLO-wrs, J
*«« -T were at Hame -•':«
<2?tt To 7tti7£
J g J
to' g&fr ccrgf I
ZW _ d
| I I I
I I I-
I I I I I-
siow biuth ilk JSZorn was I to fee,
The Swain come o'er the Hill ?
We Skipt the Burn and flew to me,
I met him with qood will ■
O the Broom, ifc.
I neither wanted Ew nor Lamb,
Wle his Fleck near me Ami
He^ather'd tn^y Sheep at Ben,
■And clieard me a' the JDav.
0 the Brovmj %$c.
He tun'd his Tipe and Reedjae fweef
The Birds Jlovd liftnhw by,
Even the dull Cattle flood and aazd,
Charm'd with his Melody
O the Broom, h^c.
He did obliqe vie ev'ru
Coitd I but faUhfii'be
Hejlaw my He art j coud I refuTe
What e'er he alk'd of me t
O the Brovm, S^V.
My Howie and. my crooked Stick,
May now lye uJeUfs. by,
yMy Tlaidy, Broach, and little Kittt
That held my wee Soup WAiey,
O the Broom, Ifr.
■Adievje CowdenWws adieu,
Farewel a1 Pleafnres there/ '
Ye Gods reftore to ne my Swain,
T* _' r ^
Is a' I crane
or care
O the Broom the bonny,bonny Broom,
The Broom of Cowde.tilinows,
I wifli T were at Ham
e aoain,
To milk, mil Dadys Ews

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