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The Songs liiark'd thus (*) were Compofed by David Re^zjo.
/ flprfy
HE Lafs of' Patie''s Mill °i A Cock Laird fuCadgig
* Beflie Bell 2 Fy gar rub her 0'er wi flrai
* §f& S«A fffows Traquair 3 Muirland Willy
1 -
Thro the Wood Laddie
Blefs'd as the Immortal Gods
The laft time I came o'er the Moor
The yellow hair d LaddU
* The "Bonny "Boatman
Woes my Heart that we fhou'd funder
The Broom 0/Cowden knows
Hap me with thy 'Petticoat
Bonny Chrifty
Nancy'j to the green Wood gane
The Highland Laddie
Blink o'er the Burn, fweet Betty
Tweed fide
Love is the Caufe of my mourning
Bonny Jean
Mary Scott
The Mill, Mill-0
111 never leave thee
Katherine Ogie
* Ann thou were my ain thing
Tolwart on the Green
A Health to Betty
4 Peggy i" mufi love thee
j * Auld Rob Morris
6 Aud Lang fine
7 My Apron T)eatJ
8 My "Daddy's a Telver of T)ikes
9 Wale, Wale up yon Bank
I o John HayV bonny Lajfie
II Fy, let us a to the Bridal
i i Saw naye my Maggy
13 My Nannio
14 Maggies Tocher
15 Were na my Heart's light 1 wad die
16 Sow'r "Plumbs of Gallow Shells
17 There's my Thumb, I'll ne'er beguile ye 42
18 The Gaberlunzie Man 43
19 The Collier's bonny Laffie 44
20 The Bob of Dimblam 45
21 The Carle he came o'er the Croft 46
32 O'er Boggie 47
23 The Lafs of Livingfton 48
24 William and Margaret 49
25 * Down the Bum Davie 5 o
JO y
3 5 *

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