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87 ]
That can ilk Thing afford,
Let him enjoy’t withoutten Care,
And with the Wale of curious Fare
Cover his ample Board.
Much dawted by the Gods is he,
Wha to the Indian Plain,
Succefsfu’ ploughs the wally Sea,
And fafe returns again
With Riches, that hi'ches
Him high aboon the reft
Of fma’Fowk, anda’Fowk
That are wi’ Poortith preft.
For me I can be well content
To eat my Bannock on the Bent,
And kitchent’t wi’ frefh Air :
Of Lang-kail I can make a Feaft,
And cantily had up my Creft,
And laugh at Difhes rare.
Nought frae Apollo I demand.
But ibrou' a lengthen’d Life
My outer Fabrick firm may ftand.
And Saul clear without Strife.
May he then but gi’e then
Thofe Eleffings for my Skair,
I’il fairly and fquairly
Quite a’ and feck nae mair.

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