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(19) vii - Instructions
Before ujr it) |)l^y, it is tioccsSfiry to learn souie of the characters which represent sounds, and the man
tier 'f' Jilaying them. As, however, the Pujiil will not haveoccasion for all, in the commencement of his practice, the jlai
pursned in the following pa^fes is to introduce such points in a progressive order. It is earnestly recommended ootto pass
ovei a l>ajfe till its contents arc learned, and to remember that improvement is more likely to be retarded hy hasp than
by deliberation.
THE Stave Consists of five parallel lines, the notes are placed on the lines, in the spaces between. them, and aho below
and above the Stave. -j ^ ^ ^ -t The Treble nr fr clef (?) is used in Pipe music and gives the following names
__ 2_ .
— J
Lines. Spaces.

&. B.D. F.
The Bagpipe has no note lower than (Land but one upon the ledger lie
above the
Stave ^ ^
F. A. C. E.&.
The Time to he given to notes depends upon their form, The different forme! notes art the
Semibreve O, ^ not used m Pipe music.) The Minim O, Crot he
Quaver |P, Semiquaver 0, and Deinisemiipiavtr 0%
> ^ ^
The of which is charactcrcstic of the Instrument as a Grace note, and used to break monotoniotrs sound ^

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