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both in its religione and libertie, to the greate shame of our king and kingdomes,
and shordy after was a peace concluded with Spaine and the Palatinate left to
that which leaves it yet miserable—and is hastinge us fast after it, except God in
his mercie asist us.
Now, what is the Kirk of Scodand doeing this while since the pretendit
assembly at Perth whereate was concluded these Five Articles, which now are
throwne out of [the] kirke? We had no generall assemblie, nor was to have none,
till that solemne generall assembly holden at Glasgow the yeare 1638. A shew
[(]and nothing but a naked shew) had wee of provincial! assemblies, for there the
bishopp sate moderator,20 and in case of his absence, which was ever almost bot
when they had some noveltie to [5] urge, anie whom he designde supplied his
place, and this moderator with the other constant modirators of the presbeteries
with a few with them of the bishopp or his deputies their choosinge onely, made
up a privie conference, and these alone handled all the matters of the assembly.
The rest of the ministers were some in the towne, some in the fields; lide more
was required of them but suit and presence.
Greate dihgence was used to bring all to conformity annent these articles
foresaid, and if a minister was conforme, he was in fide danger to be challengde
for anie faultes. And many honnest men, the ablest men of our kirke, were
suspendit, some deposed, some confyned for no conformitie. And at anie man’s
entrie to the ministerie, had he never so eminent gifts, he behoved to sweare
canonicall obedience to his ordinare and practise of conformity, yet some of
them were not content of oathes alone, bot took bands. And which yet is worse,
no man, almost how evill soever he was qualified, was receaved without some
summe of money, more or lesse, to the bishopp’s man.21 Symonie and sacriledge
were as common amongst them as poligamie ammongst the Jewes, and heirby
they became no more to be esteemde sins nor the Jewes did poligamy. All means
were used to blott out our ancient gennerall assembfie.Young men who had not
seine this kirke in her primitive puritie and fibertie thought all weill, bot old
men who had scene the former temple weiped to see the beauty of our kirke so
farre eclipsed and godless men takeinge one them to rule the kirke by their
power alone. Ignorance and prophanitie came fast one apace, but then when
Bishopp Lad was become primate and metropolitan of England and was knowne
to have the king als farre at his devotion as ever Buckinghame had either him or
20 WR. Foster, The Church before the Covenants: the Church of Scotland, 1596-1638 (Edinburgh, 1975),
21 See Bishop Guthrie s protest against such an allegation in p. 218 below.John Livingston claimed
that when he was denied entry to the parish ofTorphichen, and the charge went instead to George
Hannay,‘the report went that either that Mr George, or his brother Mr James, had given the Bishop, or
some about him, 500 merks to get that place.’ Select Biographies, ed. WK.Tweedie, 2 vols. (Wodtow
Society, 1845-7),i, 136.

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