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(66) Page 37 - Protestors declaration or exhortation to the Separatists in Aberdeen

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(66) Page 37 - Protestors declaration or exhortation to the Separatists in Aberdeen
A Christian and brotherlie exhortation and Warning
from many Ministers and Profess'ours of the Gospell
at Edinburgh the 17 March 1653, to some of their
Brethren at Aberdene and to all others within the
land who being members of this Kirk have already
declined or do anie way incline to the wayes of
It hath been the earnest longing and expectation of
many who desire to fear the great and dreadfull name of
the Lord our God, that ere this day there should have
been scene more suteablenes to the Gospell of Christ, and
unto the many gracious dayes of our renued espousalls by
covenant with Him who is the King of Saints, that there
might be a more high and glorious throne in the hearts
and conversation of His people ; and that in the officers
of His house and the administration of the precious and
pure ordinances wherewith we have been previledged, we
might looke more like the planting of the Lord that He
might be gloriefied. How much this hath layen on the
spirits of His servants and people for a long tyme, and
what endeavours there have been for the same, and what
afarr way we were like to be led upon for attaining thereof
before the late distractions and interruptions, we shall
not now mention nor clear ourselves altogether of negli¬
gence in the work unto which sinfull discouragement had
no small influence upon us. But amongst all the glorious
and holy designes of God in the late and present confusions
and differences, we conceave the purpose of His heart
aimeth not a little toward this as a great part of His holy
and honourable work which He is to accomplish, upon the
mount of His house in the land. Upon consideration
whereof having seriously sought unto God in severall of

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