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governesses had, not, as she explained, for her own benefit,
but for the sake of the prestige of her mistress. These
letters, though plausible, cover a fair amount of irregularity;
there may have been scarcity of money, but there certainly
was expenditure unauthorised by the Queen Dowager. A
letter from Bougouin,1 dated the 15th July 1555, sent with
Du Faultrey and enclosing a copy of the accounts, exposed
quarrels and unwarrantable assumptions on the part of
Puiguillon and Madame de Parrois. The former had ob¬
tained for himself much to which he was not entitled, and
had made in the accounts various entries which existed
only on paper and for which presumably he appropriated
the money, such as increases of wages, a coach for his
wife, who used his own, and paid footmen for his special
service ; Madame de Parrois had obtained her grant of
two outfits and a coach for herself; the Cardinal himself
was blamed for a gift of 100 livres to one of the waiting
women for her wedding. The quarrels about the expenses
appear to have been serious, and fresh accounts had been
drawn up and not submitted to the Queen Dowager. For
much of this Bougouin blamed the Treasurer, whom he
accused of drawing his own and his brother’s pay and
remaining peacefully at Chateaudun ; he also complained
that Madame de Parrois rendered no account of monies
she had received, such as 1000 livres for current expenses
for the January quarter, and a sum of money given by
Henri n. to the young Queen, on the occasion of the Fair
of Saint Germains.
Possibly, therefore, it was no loss to the Queen Dowager
when Madame de Parrois 2 was reported in April 1555 to
be ill in Paris, so ill that it was doubtful whether she
could live till Christmas. The Cardinal wrote, as if ex¬
pecting a visit from his sister, that he had hoped she
would*sanction the retirement of the governess and the
Letter CLXXX.
2 Letter CLXXXIII.

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