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official of Lothian, who decided against the Crown’s
The emoluments of these clerks may have varied in
different parishes. In Selkirk (1489) the fee amounted to
20 merks,2 but at St. Ninians near Stirling (1492) it was
stated to have been worth £20 Scots.3 When in 1583 John
Vaus, late parish clerk of Tostartoun, sued Godfrey
McCulloch of Ardwell for his portion of his past fee, the
amount is not stated. McCulloch’s share of the total is
declared to be only 2 pecks of oats yearly (see No. 128).
1 Liber Officialis St. Andree, 137.
2 Acta And., 129.
2 A.D.C., 1478/95-289.

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