1905 - Scotland's Industrial Souvenir

The role of Scots in exploration and administration throughout the world during Queen Victoria's reign is well known. At the same time, Scottish engineering companies took advantage of the world-wide markets opened up for their locomotives, bridges, mills, and textile machinery. This catalogue, itself a glorious example of chromolithography, celebrates and advertises these achievements.

The Souvenir, which may have been inspired by the successful Glasgow Exhibition of 1901, is basically a trade catalogue for the whole of Scotland, celebrating the industrial achievements of the country and advertising the goods and services of its manufacturers. The catalogue is arranged in sections devoted to the main cities and towns, outlining their historical and cultural legacy and lauding their principal industries. Glasgow, not surprisingly, concentrates on shipbuilding, metalworking, trains and carpets. The book is heavily illustrated with colourful lithographs, photographic reproductions and drawings. It was widely distributed, being sent to all Chambers of Commerce throughout the world, to all British Embassies, and to 6,000 other addresses. But few copies survive today.

Alan J. Woodward (ed.). Scotland's Industrial Souvenir. Derby, [1905]. FB.l.274

Scotland's industrial souvenir


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