1747 - Lyon in Mourning

One of the best records of the Jacobite rising of 1745 is 'The Lyon in Mourning'. It was compiled by Bishop Robert Forbes and includes accounts of battles and of the cruelties of Jacobite persecution. It also includes relics of the time. Shown here are pieces of the dress worn by Bonnie Prince Charlie when disguised as 'Betty Burke', Flora MacDonald's maid.

Although Episcopalianism in its Anglican form was established by law in England, in Scotland it was associated with Jacobitism and disloyalty to the Crown. Forbes, a convinced Jacobite, was minister to the Episcopal congregation at Leith. During the rising he was imprisoned in Stirling Castle. In the wake of the '45, Episcopalian ministers who would not swear allegiance to George III were persecuted. This was part of what motivated Forbes to collect accounts of the cruelties of government troops. His souvenir-hunting led to some odd scenes. At his home, favoured guests were permitted to drink out of a pair of Prince Charles Edward's brogues!

Adv.MS. 32.6.18

Lyon in mourning


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