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(82) Plate XXXVIII/a

(82) Plate XXXVIII/a -

                                                         Plate XXXVIII.

                                            LESLIE HOUSE.

THE first Plate of this work was a view of the fine Castle of Balgonie on the Leven. The banks of the
same stream are adorned with the subject of the present plate. Leslie House, which is in the parish of the
same name in Fifeshire, was originally a most magnificent seat, built by the Duke of Rothes, round a court
similar to the abbey of Holyroodhouse, with a gallery of rather greater extent, and ornamented on one
side with a collection of the portraits of the Rothes family, and on the other with those of the particular
friends and contemporaries of the founder. John, Duke of Rothes, who built it, was, on account of his
sufferings in the civil wars, made Chancellor of Scotland on the restoration. At his death, which took
place in 1681, the dukedom became extinct, while the earldom descended to his heirs. In December
1763 the whole edifice was burnt to the ground, at least that part which was consumable by fire: it was
afterwards partially rebuilt and repaired in 1767 by the late earl of Rothes, and is now the occasional
residence of the present Countess, who has since married Sir Lucas Pepys. The scenery upon the banks
of the Leven, which is seen in the foreground, is very beautiful: and from the point of view, where this
drawing was made, the laundry on the opposite bank forms a very picturesque object. The grounds are
well wooded, and the approach to the house is ornamented with a fine avenue of elms.—This view was
made in 1799.

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