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(77) Plate XXXVI/a

(77) Plate XXXVI/a -

                                                         Plate XXXVI.

                                          ELCHO CASTLE.

WE have again to notice another specimen of Gothic architecture in the fertile and beautiful county of
Perth, the garden of Scotland.—Not much is known of the ancient history of Elcho Castle, nor is it pro-
bable that it will remain in existence a very great length of time, as it is in a state of great decay. It
belongs to Earl Wemyss, and gives the title to his eldest son. Its situation is very fine, being near the
opening of Strathearne, where it is divided from the Tay by the hill of Moncrieff. Under the eastern
side of this hill Elcho Castle is placed. Its northern point rises apparently out of a bold rock on the bank
of the Tay, while the southern side presents a different scene mixed with an old mill, which, with its
streamlet, water-wheel, and drying-house, forms a singular yet beautiful view. Throughout Scotland
every mill is accompanied with a drying-house, for the purpose of drying and hardening the corn, in
order that it may grind the better into meal. The smoke, which almost constantly issues from this kind
of kiln, being carried by the wind over different parts of the buildings or scenery, tends very much to
increase the picturesque effect of views, where these mills are found.

On the opposite side of the Castle the scenery is very beautiful. The views are along the north side
of the Tay, over a tract of land called the "Carse of Gowry," and so very fertile as to be esteemed the
granary of Scotland. This drawing was made in the year 1800.

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