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(55) Plate XXV/a

(55) Plate XXV/a -

                                                               Plate XXV.

                                          THE TOWN OF AYR.

THE county of Ayr lies in the south-western part of Scotland, and is bounded on the west by the Irish
Channel. The present Plate exhibits a view of its chief town, which bears the same name. This place is
of no very considerable extent, but it is pleasantly situated quite on the coast, and has the advantage also
of being watered by two rivers, which discharge themselves at or near this place into the Irish Channel.
One, called the Ayr, whence probably both the county and this town took their names, runs immediately
through the town, and is seen in this view; the other, the Doon, runs nearly parallel, but a little more to
the south, and at a short distance from the town.

On entering this place the most striking objects are the new and the auld bridges, which Burns has
personified with so much successful humour. The former is handsome and convenient, and was built from
a plan of Adams's, while the auld brig, if we may believe the poet, is so narrow and bad, that "twa
wheel-barrows tremble, when they meet." These bridges connect the old Borough with the New Town.
The population of Ayr is not very large, the whole parish, which is of more extent than the town, contains
only between four and five thousand, and the town itself rather more than three thousand inhabitants.
The church is rather a handsome structure. It was built in the year 1654, and is kept in repair at the
expense of the magistrates. The markets are well supplied, and not unreasonable; and coals, which are
found in the neighbourhood, and consequently rather cheap, are of great comfort, especially to the poorer
class.—The country round Ayr is flat, but is much improved from the plantations and seats in the neigh-
bourhood. The soil also is rich and productive. This view was taken in 1801.

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