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(29) Plate XII/a

(29) Plate XII/a -

                                                                 Plate XII.

                                   GLASGOW, THE INFIRMARY.

THE county of Lanark has to boast of the second city of North Britain in respect to building, and the first
in point of trade and manufactures. Glasgow is placed very advantageously on the northern bank of the
river Clyde, in which the tide flows at least four miles above the town. It is to the improved navigation
of the Clyde, aided by the completion of that wonderful aqueduct, which joins the two seas, and saves a
dangerous and circuitous navigation, that Glasgow is indebted for its most considerable improvements.
It is principally built on the side of a hill, and sheltered by some high grounds at the back. Like Edin-
burgh, there is a new town and old town. In the former of which there are many handsome buildings,
while the latter, by the variety of outline, arising from gable ends, old-fashioned chimnies, mingled with
the spires of the churches and glass-houses, have altogether rather a picturesque effect.

Among the public buildings of this city is the noble institution of the Infirmary. It was built by
subscription, after the design of the late Mr. Adams, and is in a similar and equally beautiful style with
the Register-Office in Edinburgh. The cupola, however, in the former, may be considered as much too
small, as that of the latter is too large. Its situation being on an eminence is a fortunate circumstance;
and the approach to it very picturesque, through an irregular winding street, consisting chiefly of old
houses and the ruins of St. Nicholas chapel. The domestic business of the Infirmary is conducted upon
the best plan, and does credit to the physicians and governors. Hence it already affords a most valuable
alleviation to the sufferings of our unfortunate fellow-creatures, and will probably be a great advantage to
the students in medicine. This view was taken in 1799.

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