Did you know?

The many statues and memorials for James Watt include those in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Greenock, Birmingham and Leeds. St Paul's Cathedral in London has a large statue of Watt by Chantrey.

James Watt (1736-1819)

Places to visit

Visitor attractions associated with James Watt:


  • Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery:
    Glasgow University's museum and gallery has statues of James Watt and a model of the Newcomen engine which inspired him.
  • Glasgow Green:
    Near Nelson's Column in this park is the 'James Watt boulder'. It marks the spot where, in 1765, Watt first got the idea for condensing steam in engines using a separate chamber.


  • McLean Museum and Art Gallery:
    The James Watt Collection here includes letters, plans and drawings made by Watt, as well as some of his inventions, plus portraits and sculptures. Some digitised images, letters and plans are available in the Gallery section of Inverclyde Council website.


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Portrait of James Watt