Lord Kelvin (1824-1907)

Letter of Lord and Lady Kelvin to their nephew, William Bottomley, 31 December 1891

be home on Saturday
evening (instead
of going to Whittinghame)
as we have this mor
ning heard by tele
gram from Madeira,
the very sad news
of the death from influ
enza of your Aunt Fanny's mother, on
Tuesday night.
A letter came to Knows
ley on Monday (or Tuesday)
from her, most
cheerful, and telling
how well she was and
free from cold.

You will see probably
this evening or tomorrow morn
ing, another piece
of news, which we
heard by a letter
from Lord Salisbury
yesterday morning,
that the Queen con
fers a Peerage of
the United King
dom on me. W.T